At the cross we see a God who suffers greatly to show how much he loves us. He lays down his life so that those who put their faith in him should receive the gift of eternal life.
When we begin to live our life through the lens of the cross and what happens on the cross we begin to live differently. The cross challenges the way we see God. The cross challenges the way we see ourselves as people. The cross challenges the way we see other people. Because even the worst sinner you know in your life, receives forgiveness and is welcomed by Jesus if only they are willing.
In this sermon series we hope we can look closely at the cross and experience the mystery of the cross.

  1. On the Cross Christ forgives those who are far from God’s Kingdom. He forgives his enemies and even his betrayers.
  2. On the Cross Christ welcomes even those who are undeserving of his mercy. He welcomes the willing and the humble
  3. On the Cross Christ weeps for humanity. He weeps because of the pain he endures so that we could be free in him
  4. On the Cross Christ conquers sin, death and pain. He comes out victorious.


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