Scholarship Program

The scholarship program seeks to assist individuals, at various levels of the education cycle, who are struggling to source funds for their education.  The program will match 40% of the individual’s tuition fee, regardless of which level of education they are in. The other 60% of the cost is to be raised by the individual through various means – it has been noted that the main struggle is sourcing the entire tuition fee at one go, thus the matching system works to create accountability and individual buy-in.

The ministry has set up some guidelines and policies to ensure that all candidates seeking assistance are screened accordingly. As of January 2014 a new system was put in place to allow all ministry, church and individual entities to fund-raise their finances to ensure smooth support.


The need for financial assistance is quite high and meeting the need, even with the new system, will remain a challenge. If you would like to offer assistance, a one time donation, monthly assistance, or the sponsoring of a student, please get in touch with Flood Malawi for more details.

Flood Malawi provides 10 Secondary School students with tuition and mentoring. The next Scholarship Seminar for those students that are part of the Flood Malawi Scholarship Program is on April 11th.


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