Our values describe the behaviors we seek to engage in to make Flood Church a community and environment through which young people’s lives can be transformed by Jesus.

Coming As You Are

We believe that only those who come to Jesus with no pretenses are ready to experience the changes Jesus wants to make in their lives. We also believe that only those who follow Jesus with no pretenses are used by Jesus to help others experience the life changes Jesus offers.
We welcome everyone as they are, regardless of their appearance, age, nationality, dress-code, struggles, morals, sins, past mistakes, or income, because we believe that our lives are changed only when we allow our authentic selves to be worked on by the authentic life of Jesus and be loved by the authentic lives of those he is already transforming. By coming as we are, we give young people permission to come as they are and see what Jesus will turn them into.

Reaching Young People Better

We believe that to bring young people to Christ, we must be active in meeting them where they are, building meaningful relationships with them, meeting their felt needs, introducing them to Jesus, and helping them live for him through life’s different phases. We recognize that the realities and contexts that young people face are constantly changing, as are the tools and methods most effective in meeting their needs, so we are constantly looking for ways to reach young people better.

Weak People Growing Together

We believe that life transformation happens within deep relationships that supply enough grace and truth for people to grow into the likeness of Jesus for a lifetime. This means that we recognize and respect that different people are at different stages of the journey towards the perfection Jesus envisions for all of us. We therefore see and carry ourselves as a community of people who are HONEST about our weaknesses and EARNEST in our openness to receive the help we need from Jesus and his people to experience victory.

Responding to God’s Activity

We believe that God creates movement and activity in our community and it is our role as individuals and as a community to respond to His activity. We demonstrate this in our response to the movement of His spirit in our lives. In our outreach we demonstrate this value by seeking to use the platforms that God creates to reach young people, in doing so we respond to God’s activity.




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