Jesus has a say in our generosity

When we invite Jesus as Lord in our lives we are inviting him to influence not only one part of our life but every single part of our lives. True transformation is when we continue to say yes to Jesus being Lord in every area of our lives.

Jesus needs to have a say in our lives. We don’t get to choose which parts of our lives he has a say in and which parts he can’t. Saying yes to Jesus is us being willing to let Jesus SHOW us what matters to him.

However, we need to go deeper than just having Jesus show us what matters to him. We also need to give Jesus permission to DECIDE what’s important in our lives. Letting Jesus decide what’s important in our lives is giving him total authority by intentionally choosing to surrender to him because we know what he has for us is better than what we have for ourselves. Will you let Jesus have a say or are you going to silence his voice and choose only what you prefer?


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