Limitless Transformation is the initiative to develop the land purchased by Flood into the Flood Centre. Our money and resources can only go so far but we can entrust our resources to Jesus who can go beyond where our resources can’t go. We do not only see a building we see a place of limitless transformation. We see young people who will be transformed, spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The Limitless Transformation Initiative is a project that goes beyond a building. Our desire is not just to see a beautiful building in the city of Lilongwe that we can be proud of but our desire to see something that goes beyond just a beautiful building. A building can only go so far but Jesus goes where a building can’t go. If this building isn’t a conduit for God’s transforming work in young people’s lives then it will all be in vain.

We hope to see a limitless God using our limited resources and space for his limitless transformation in young people’s lives. Abundant resources in our hands can’t compare to limited resources in God’s hands. God can do more with our limitedness than we can do with our abundance. So we want to trust God by partnering with him for what he can for the glory of his name. Therefore, because we hope to see God do something big beyond our resources we will invest in this because our focus is not on the limitedness of our resources but on God’s limitless grace.

There’s a limitless transformation for young people to experience and what a joy that we can be a part of as we partner with God. So it is with faith in the power of Jesus to fulfill among us that promise in which he declared, “I Will Build My Church”, and it is with fear and trembling at his guarantee that, “Without Me, You Can Do Nothing”, that we launch THE LIMITLESS TRANSFORMATION PROJECT aka LT.


Having seen the impact that Flood Church has had on young people’s lives for over fifteen years, there is an opportunity to scale up this impact and make it a permanent fixture in the social fabric of urban Lilongwe. This would happen by building buildings on our newly bought land where we would invest in the development of a youth-focused cultural and business hub called The Flood Center.

The Flood Centre will include a 1000-seater auditorium, an 800-seater conference center, a 200 person youth centre and meeting space, 8 kids rooms and nursery, a kitchen space, an accessible carpark and toilets.

Also a shopping space, coffee shop, community restaurant, football ground, netball/basketball court, community gym, an internet hub with free WiFi and an outdoor space that will double as an event ground.

To access the building plans click here.


Throughout the history of Flood Church, we have transformed the upcoming generations into the centerpiece of our mission by adopting a multi-faceted approach. 

At the Flood Center, we envision: 

  1. The Flood Auditorium being a place not only for the dynamic worship services by which we are bringing young people to Christ for transformation every Sunday but also a gift to the city of Lilongwe as a conference center. 
  2. The gym, football grounds, netball, and basketball court will attract young people to consider the Flood Center as a place to go for recreation purposes. The more traction the place as the more opportunities for gospel sharing are presented
  3. This space will keep on creating the opportunity for us to continue with our Scholarship Program that sponsors needy teenagers to gain secondary and college education and disciple them to follow Christ throughout that phase. 
  4. This space will keep on creating the opportunity for us to continue with our entrepreneurship Program that mentors young people to create and steward wealth in ways that honor Christ; 
  5. We have a Relationship Program under our thrive connect ministry that mentors young people to honor Christ in their interactions and relationships with members of the opposite sex
  6. This space will keep on creating the opportunity for us to continue with our Ufulu festival which celebrates freedom, culture, and creativity by creating an environment of awareness and response to the gospel, mental health, and social justice.
  7. This space will keep on creating the opportunity for us to continue with our Compassion and Justice Program that raises awareness and mobilizes resources to support those that are in need
  8. This space will keep on creating the opportunity for us to continue with our Health and Help initiatives that help young people with their mental health, recovery from addiction, grief processing, and trauma healing.
  9. We hope that whenever young people in the community think about going to a place to hang out, Flood will be one of the places they choose. The more life is happening the more interactions we have with young people and the more interactions we have the more gospel opportunities we have to live out and proclaim the gospel.  

When it comes to initiatives for the holistic transformation of young people, we want to leave no stone unturned. Limitless Transformation will create facilities from which we will have the resources and freedom to expand these transformative programs to many more young people than we are currently able to serve and to do so in a way that is sustainable for years to come. Young people know that our church is here for them, but this Flood Center will go a long way to give them confidence that we are also here to stay.



Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.

We will be seeking prayer partners during this process, as we seek God’s provision and His pathway. Any great building program recognizes that the only real “building” that God is interested in is the “building” that happens in our hearts as we move with God.

Any “kingdom building” activity is ALWAYS done in partnership with God, and His Spirit. So, a part of our ongoing process to “bring upcoming generations to Christ for transformation” will involve prayer.

We are asking you to dedicate a minimum of 5 minutes every week to pray for the success of our fundraising efforts and our building project.


Limitless Blocks is a campaign that will ask every single one of us to buy one or more cement blocks for the building. You can go about this in two ways: The first way is by going to Mabize construction company in Njerwa and buying the 400 by 200 blocks yourself or you can give your money for a block or more. The blocks are going at MKW1000 each.

We think 30,000 should be enough for the auditorium which will be thirty million Kwacha (MKW 30,000,000)


The Limitless Cement Campaign is an ask for you to consider buying a bag of Dangote cement or more. You can bring a bag of cement yourself or bring the money for us to get a bag or more. Dangote cement is currently going at MKW 15,000. We would like to start with 600 bags of cement which will be nine million kwacha (MKW9,000,000)


The Limitless Gift Campaign is for you to consider what gift you will set aside to give to the Limitless Transformation initiative.


You can make a donation directly to the Limitless Transformation Kwacha account with these details:

Bank: National Bank

Account name: Limitless Transformation Account number: 1009479418 Branch: Gateway Mall

Bank Name: Standard Bank 

Account name: Limitless Transformation  Account number: 9100006377871 Branch: Capital City

To make a donation via PayPal click here.