Worship Gatherings.

The purpose of Worship Gatherings is to provide opportunity to encounter Jesus.

Our Sunday ministries are what make Worship Gathering’s happen at Flood.

If you would like to serve in any of our Sunday ministries contact Pastor Humphreys – 0998391150

Teaching – “Providing gospel content for life transformation”

Our teaching team is led by and primarily consists of teaching from Sean Kampondeni, the lead Pastor of Flood Church. He is active in speaking at Flood, on the radio, on television, and at various events around Lilongwe.

Worship – “Creating an environment for enjoying Gods presence through music and the arts”

Our worship ministry is responsible for our worship times on Sundays, our Nights of Worship that happen quarterly, and also provide their services as needed at various outreach events. Pastor Humphreys oversee’s this area of ministry.

Media – “Providing creative media support to Flood’s mission”

Our media team creates slides, manages our website, and creates content for our social media platforms. We are always looking for videographers and designers to serve on this team. The media team is lead and overseen by Pastor Humphreys.

Hospitality – “Creating a safe, clean, orderly, and welcoming environment for our weekly worship gatherings”

The hospitality team includes the site team, which is responsible for cleaning the building every week, the hosting team, which provides announcements to our church family every week, the greeting team, which greets people as they come to Flood, the offering team, which collects and counts offering every week, and is also responsible for administering communion. This team is overseen by Pastor Humphreys and lead by Harry.

Pastoral Care and Counseling – “Providing guidance and support for people through significant life circumstances”

Our Pastoral Care and Counseling team is there to support people through any circumstance. We have male and female counselors who have experience in a multitude of areas. If you or someone you know needs counseling or the support of a pastor, please contact Pastor Sean who leads and oversees this ministry.


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