Sermons by Humphreys Mkandawire


Someone said, “The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart”. There are a lot of unseen sins every believer struggles with. These sins are unseen because they are sins of the heart. Jesus through his sermon on the mount speaks to so many of these internal struggles. The reason we all struggle…

Inviting the unreached in our circle

In this sermon Pastor Humphreys speaks from John 1:43-51 about inviting the unreached inside our circle. We need to be proactive with inviting people who are already in our circle. These are people we see regularly, talk to regularly or chat with regularly. However we know that they are yet to believe in Jesus or seem to be far from God. These could be family members, friends or colleagues.Jesus is for everybody including those who are close to us. Jesus is for everyone including those who know us well, know our mistakes.