Sermons by Sean Kampondeni

We have a choice to make around sexuality

Crisis precedes transformation. You probably have observed in your own life that your moment of transformation was preceded with some sort of a crisis. Many of us have seen our lives change after a crisis in our life. For most people change won’t just happen for them until when they go through some sort of…

faith is- part 3

FAITH IS During this season there’s a lot of uncertainties, a lot of anxiety that’s going around. People are looking for hope and asking questions like: How do I keep the Faith when everything around me is falling apart? What does faith look like when I am going through a hard time?  This series hopes…

Inviting the ignored

In this sermon Pastor Sean speaks from Luke 14:14-24 about inviting the ignored who are inside or outside our circle. This is a group of people who we normally ignore. When we have things to do to forget or do not even think about inviting them. This could be because they do not have what we have, or because they are in a different life stage than us or because their experience is just different from us.