Inviting the ignored

A church is a community of people that are passionate about Jesus. In fact a church is a movement stirred by Jesus to let the world know of who Jesus is and how good he is to the world. As a church, we carry the best news in the world. The news that Jesus comes to rescue people from bondage and that Jesus gives people freedom, hope, purpose, meaning and value.

We invite people to something that is greater and better. We invite people to something we know will be beneficial to them because it has been beneficial to us. We invite people to be a part of something that matters the most. God’s kingdom matters more than anything in the world.

When people are invited they feel valued, they feel a sense of belonging. The good news is that there’s a special house (Gods Kingdom) where everyone is invited to come and in this house there’s good things that we can’t keep to ourselves.

In this sermon Pastor Sean speaks from Luke 14:14-24 about inviting the ignored who are inside or outside our circle. This is a group of people who we normally ignore. When we have things to do to forget or do not even think about inviting them. This could be because they do not have what we have, or because they are in a different life stage than us or because their experience is just different from us.


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