Sermons on Luke

Giving over taking

Greed is more easily noticeable in others than it is noticeable in us. When we are motivated by greed we will easily believe this lie: I need it, I must have it, and with it, life will be better. In this sermon, Pastor Humphreys shares the truth of the gospel which is dependent on us…

god welcomes

At the cross we see a God who suffers greatly to show how much he loves us. He lays down his life so that those who put their faith in him should receive the gift of eternal life.When we begin to live our life through the lens of the cross and what happens on the…

Inviting the ignored

In this sermon Pastor Sean speaks from Luke 14:14-24 about inviting the ignored who are inside or outside our circle. This is a group of people who we normally ignore. When we have things to do to forget or do not even think about inviting them. This could be because they do not have what we have, or because they are in a different life stage than us or because their experience is just different from us.