old testament characters: rahab

The aim of this session is to: use the story of Rahab to show that God knows what is in our hearts, and that in difficult situations we can stand up for God. Our challenge is not be afraid but to trust in God and do as He asks.

Verses: Joshua 1:9, 2:1-24 and 6:1-25, Deuteronomy 6:2

Retelling the Story of Rahab- We are going to tell the story of Rahab with our fingers. 

You need to make a cardboard, block, or a lego house. The house needs a door your finger can enter and a roof.  Then gather green paper or leaves and 1 piece of red string or yarn. 

“Rahab lived in the walls of Jericho. One day two strange men arrived and stayed till sunset. The men were from Joshua’s army and they had come to spy on Jericho. (Walk 2 of your fingers into the house)

The King of Jericho found out and sent a guard to Rahab’s house. They knocked on the door (Use your finger to kick the door)

And said “Bring out the strange men in your house, they are spies.”Rahab hid the men under the flax drying on her roof. (Take the shredded green paper or leaves and put it on the roof and then hide one of your fingers under it)

Then she went out. (Walk your fingers outside)

She said “Yes, there were two men here and they left at dusk through the city gate. If you hurry you can catch them.” (Use your finger to point away from the house)

Rahab went back inside and the guards rushed off to find the spies. (Your fingers walk back into the house) Before bedtime she went onto the roof and said to the men. (Stand your finger up from under the paper)

“I know God has given you this city and everyone inside the city is frightened. I’ve been good to you, so you be good to me. When you attack this city, spare the lives of my family and save us from death.”The men said “Our lives for your lives but don’t tell anyone what we are doing.”Rahab let the men out of her window on a rope. (Stick the red string to the window and then climb your fingers down the rope)

Rahab stuck her head out of the window and said “Hide in the hills for three days and the King’s men won’t find you.” The men said “We’ll keep our promise if you tie a red cord in your window and keep all your family inside your house.”The men ran away (Have your fingers run away)

Rahab tied a red cord in her window. (Stick the red cord to the window) The gates of Jericho were shut up tight. (Close your hands together)

Outside the walls Joshua’s army arrived. God chose Joshua to lead the Israelites out of the desert and across the Jordan to Jericho. (Walk your hands to Rahab’s house) Inside Rahab’s house everyone is scared. (Pretend to shake the house)

For six days Joshua’s army walked once around the walls. The priests walked in front blowing their trumpets. On the seventh day, the army walked around seven times. Let’s get our finger army to walk around seven times. (Walk your finger army (i.e. both hands) counting from 1-7)

Then they shouted and the walls came falling down. Rahab heard a knock on her door.  (Have 1 finger kick the door)

It was the spies!  They had come to rescue her! Rahab and her family went to live with Joshua’s people because she was brave and hid the spies. (Walk your fingers away from the house)

Talk as a family about what Rahab did and Why. Also talk about her courage and bravery in saving her whole family. 

Fill in the gaps and then find the missing words in the wordsearch. Use the Bible (Good News Version) to help you – Look up the book of Joshua, chapter 2. 

1. Rahab was looked down on by the people of the town because she was a ………. (verse 1) 

2. Rahab invited the two ……. into her house (verse 1) 

3. The city where Rahab lived ……. (verse 2) 

4. Where had the spies come to spy? The whole ……. (verse 3) 

5. At what time of the day did Rahab say that the spies left? ……. (verse 5) 

6. Rahab hid the spies under stalks of ……. (verse 6) 

7. Rahab hid the spies, because she knew that the ……. Had given this land to you (verse 9) 

8. Rahab asked the spies to save her from ……… (verse 13) 

9. Rahab helped the spies to escape by letting them out the window using a ……. (verse 15) 

10. Rahab tied a ……… Cord in the window as a sign for the spies. (verse 18) 


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