old testament characters: deborah

The aim of this session is to: remind us that our God is a God of the seemingly impossible, if only we’ll listen and obey.

Verse: Judges 4-5, Psalm 105:1, Psalm 118

Today we are going to use paper or pipe cleaner soldiers to tell the story. You can use some of the examples that I have listed above. Please make several soldiers to help us tell the story. 

Let’s look at the map that is provided. Do you recognise the names of any places on it ? Maybe Jericho or Jerusalem.  Today’s story is in Bethel (it’s slightly north west of Jericho). 

Today’s story is about a woman who was the leader of Israel – her name was Deborah and she lived near Bethel.  Part of her job was to help the people of Israel work out the problems they had with each other – she was called a judge.  She had this job because she was good at listening to God and hearing what he had to say.

Israel at this time wasn’t a happy place to live because a King from another country was in charge and treated them cruelly.  His name was Jabin and he was the King of a country called Canaan.  The commander of his army was called Sisera.  Sisera had lots of soldiers and 900 chariots in his army.  Most of our soldiers are going to be in Sisera’s army.

God told Deborah to speak to a man called Barak and tell him to take some of Israel’s best soldiers to fight against Sisera and his army.  Barak was to take his soldiers to a place called Mount Tabor – find this on your map.

Make it clear that Barak had a lot less soldiers than Sisera.  Use the few soldiers you have left to make up Israel’s army. Who do you think will win the battle?  Barak was very nervous because he knew that it looked like he would lose, so he asked Deborah to go into battle with them.

Barak took his soldiers up the mountain and Sisera took his army to the Kishon River (find this on the map).  When Deborah gave the word, Barak and the men of Israel rushed down the mountain and defeated Sisera and his army.

How do you think that the Israelites won the battle against all the odds? It was because God was on their side!

What would have happened if Deborah hadn’t been listening to God and done what He said? 

Then this incredible story wouldn’t have happened. When we listen to God and do what He says, the most amazing things can happen.  All things are possible when you’re on God’s side!

Praising and Thanking God

Deborah thanked God after the victory.  Tell them that there are some other songs in the Bible called Psalms and that some of them use the same words over and over to thank God for things.  You might like to look at a bit of Psalm 118.

As a family you are going to make up a Psalm together think for a minute about something they can thank God for.

When they are ready, tell them that each person is going to have a chance to say ‘Thank you God for……’ and put in their particular thing, and then everyone is going to say, ‘Thank you, amazing God!’  Let them know that they don’t have to contribute on their own if they don’t want to, and that it doesn’t matter if their thing is the same as someone else’s.

Then share the Psalm together as a family.


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