Standing with our Community

As a church community we can be tempted to only function as a church family; effectively in touch with each other but somewhat out of touch with the world all around us. We can easily become only insider focused and lose the focus on the outside.

Believers are to be a community of God that’s on the move. We are to be intentional in how we live our lives so as to be a witnessing community to the world around us. God called us as a community to spread the good news of Jesus. Jesus left a movement to be caught by men and women who are willing to put everything on the line in order to proclaim him as Lord.

God wants believers to be a community of Jesus which is full of love in both deed and word, and invites those on the outside with respect and gentleness. This is what it looks like to live incarnationally.

In this sermon Willson Chivhanga speaks from Matthew 25:31-46 about being ready to fight injustices those around us face understanding that God’s kingdom is for the oppressed, the powerless and the marginalised.

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  1. This was another wonderful teaching from the flood Church I love listening to your services here in Texas I have been to lilongwe five times in the last 6 years and have yet to visit the church I can assure you it is on our list for next year I’m so thankful to be able to listen to your services while I am at home God bless you flood Church

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