Relationships over what’s easy

One thing God does is to call us to grow. This is not just to do with growing numerically but rather growing in what matters the most to God. Our Christian walk is actually more to do with BECOMING than remaining the same. In Christ, we are shaped to become Christ-like and to continue becoming Christ-like in all areas of our lives. Growth in Christ is an invitation. Growth in Christ is an invitation to surrender to God.

This is when we are willing to forgo things in our lives so we can embrace Jesus and what he is about. Growth in Christ is also an invitation to receive from God. This is when we empty ourselves so that we can receive from God what is best for us. Growth in Christ is an invitation to step into unfamiliar spaces but we still move there because the one who knows all spaces walks with us. Growth, therefore, is taking steps from our comfort zones so we can go to where we will grow the most. The hope is that as a church we would be more intentional in saying yes to Jesus wherever he is calling us to grow in this season of our lives. Probably the best question to ask yourself is: where is God inviting me to grow right now and what does taking a step towards growth look like for me?


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