Out To Invite: Christ In Our Authority

When it comes to sharing the Gospel we can find ourselves in these spaces:

  1. Avoidance
    We can find ourselves avoiding inviting others on a journey with God and this can be because we are afraid. There are so many reasons why we are afraid to share with others. Sometimes we are afraid

because we fear that if we share our beliefs with others our relationship with them will be ruined. Sometimes we are afraid of rejection. We feel like others will more likely reject our invitations. Sometimes we are afraid because we feel inadequate. We feel like we do not have enough information or training. Consequently, this can make us feel like we just don’t know the best way to share so we just think it’s safe to not say anything. And lastly, we can find ourselves avoiding it because we think there’s a better way to do it than what we have known or what we have seen others do.

  1. Driven
    Sometimes we find ourselves in a space of driveness. Being driven is not bad but the question is “what’s driving you?”. Sometimes if we are not careful we can find ourselves being driven by guilt. This is when we feel like we are not doing enough and God will punish us if we are not sharing. Sometimes we can find ourselves being driven by pride. This is when we believe that it all depends on us and that without us people won’t come to God. Pride can have us believe that we are the ones that “win” souls for God. Pride can also have us believe that it’s our fault and our failure when our message is not received well by others.
  2. Calling
    The third space we can find ourselves when sharing the gospel is the space of calling. This is when we realize that we are willing servants ready to be used by God. Sharing the gospel then comes out of a belief that we share the gospel not because people deserve to hear the gospel but we share the gospel because Jesus deserves to be heard. This means we begin to invite others on a journey with God not because we are good at it but because we trust that God can work in people’s lives. We trust that it is the Spirit of God that changes hearts and not us. We believe that we are servants but all authority has been given to Jesus so it does not depend on us but on him. However, doing our part is important because God does not want us to do everything but he wants us to do our part and we let him do the rest.


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