made new because we are fully loved

BOTTOM LINE: Leave The Past In The Past


In the sermon series, Made New, we will be challenged to explore the profound reality of embracing our newness in Jesus. It goes beyond simply modifying our behavior; it is a complete transformation of our being. It beckons us to recognize and fully embrace the truth that we have been made new in Christ.

The reality is that we often struggle to fully grasp and accept that we are indeed new creations in Christ. This newness calls us to a life of vitality and purpose. It demands that we live in a way that reflects this new identity. We have been existing, but now we are called to truly live in Christ.

The challenge is to not only acknowledge our newness in Jesus but to actively live it out. It requires a shift in mindset and a commitment to align our actions with our new identity. Embracing our newness in Jesus is not a passive endeavor; it demands an intentional and purposeful approach to living out this transformation.

As we reflect on the profound truth of being made new in Jesus, let us not shy away from the call to live in this newness. Let us embrace it with enthusiasm and allow it to shape and define our lives. This is an invitation to a life that is truly transformed.


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