Looking Back, Living forward

The Christmas story is full of hardship, fear, and uncertainties. Christ being born did not stop people from experiencing loss, grief, fear or any form of hardship. But Christ being born meant now the people who were experiencing loss can now have hope again, the people who were grieving can now trust again the people who were fearful can now love and feel loved again.

2020 has been a year full of uncertainties, loss, fear and as a result a lot of people have felt despondent, disturbed and doubtful.

This sermon series will help our community to Pause, and reflect on the experiences and name the effects that came with the hard stuff of 2020. Yet at the same time we would like our community to look forward to the hope we have in Christ. Jesus speaks to our despondence, fear, loss and uncertainty. We hope this can be a time of reflection, realization and response. We reflect on what has happened to us but we realize our identity in Christ and respond to God’s activity in our lives.


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