God’s kingdom reaches deeply and widely


How you see God’s kingdom will shape how you live your life.

Those that see the Kingdom of God will demonstrate the ways of the Kingdom of God.

Christians need to have a better view of God’s kingdom. We can see God’s kingdom as a place we will go to or we can see God’s kingdom as the reign of God in us and among us. The question we all

need to be asking is how does God want to reign in me today. Or how can I live my life as one who belongs to God’s kingdom?

The kingdom of God is made to be experienced. Even though we know that God’s kingdom is not yet fully revealed, we also know that God’s kingdom is in the NOW. God is building his kingdom now. Experiencing God’s kingdom is not only for us but it is for those who are around us. God intends for those who have experienced his kingdom to help others experience it too. This means we must live kingdom oriented lives to help others experience God’s kingdom through us.

Living in such a way that helps others experience God’s kingdom requires us to be concerned with things that the Kingdom of God is concerned about:

  • –  Loving others,
  • –  Forgiving others,
  • –  Being generous,
  • –  Being kind
  • –  etc All of these things above are kingdom oriented.
    This means we must begin to live out now what we know the Kingdom of God requires. God’s kingdom is welcoming, in a way that you yourself are invited to help other people experience God’s kingdom through you. You are a conduit or channel often God uses to build his kingdom into the world.


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