Experiencing Healing from Addiction

BOTTOM LINE: Embracing our brokenness to experience God’s healing
All of us have experienced things in our lives that we need healing from. It is a mistake to overlook whatever we are going or have gone through. The best way is for us to recognize where we are at and to remember that God doesn’t want us to remain where we are. There’s healing for you no matter where you are right now.
We all carry stories of brokenness no matter our background and the reality is that we don’t leave our brokenness behind; it goes with us wherever we are. As people who have believed in Christ for our salvation, we need to embrace the brokenness so that we can experience healing from our God.There’s a reason why you struggle with the sins you struggle with and I think it’s because of different kinds of wounds that we each carry. This is why it’s important to not only ask for forgiveness for the act of sin but to also ask Jesus to heal us from the wounds we carry that make us susceptible to certain sins. Think of it as asking God to deal with not only the action of the sin but to also deal with the reason behind the action or the vulnerability behind the action.


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