The Unseen Struggle of seeking Revenge

Someone said, “The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart”. There are a lot of unseen sins every believer struggles with. These sins are unseen because they are sins of the heart.

Jesus through his sermon on the mount speaks to so many of these internal struggles. The reason we all struggle with these sins does not mean we should then continue living like this but Jesus calls to a new of living. He wants us to have a different perspective on sin. Christ wants us to not only pay attention to the sinful action but we should also pay attention to the sinful thoughts, intentions and attitudes.

True transformation is not only in the action but it’s in the transformation of the attitudes, thoughts and intentions from where the sinful actions comes from. Through the words of Christ we see and hear a God who wants to see and live differently to the way of the world. To see and live as Jesus wants us to see and live.

In this sermon Ken Longden speaks from Matthew 5:38-42 about the unseen struggle of seeking revenge.


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