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This series is a response to the loss, grief, suicide and mental illness that many people in Lilongwe are experiencing. Many of these things are not being talked about and people are living through hard situations without healthy and effective ways of communicating their emotions.

We can either choose to BE INFLUENCED by our emotions or we can choose to INFLUENCE our emotions. In other words you can choose to let your emotions lead you or you can lead your emotions. However, there are times when people have no will, desire or power to make themselves feel differently than what they are feeling in the moment. This is when we have to look up to Jesus the author and finisher of faith to help us respond to him even when we feel negative emotions. Emotions are a gift from God and feelings are meant to be felt. If we lead our emotions well they can give us an opportunity to enjoy life and know more about God or ourselves.

In this sermon Kate Mkandawire and Brittany Fellows talk from the story of Ruth about how we can obey God in sadness, by having hope of His redemption.


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