Jesus Becomes Our light in a season of darkness


BOTTOM LINE: God shows up when we need him the most SERIES SUMMARY

Jesus is the highlight of Christmas. Christmas is an excellent reminder of a God who becomes who we need him to be in our season of need. God sees our need and in Christ, he comes and fulfills that need. Humans needed a savior and Jesus shows up and fulfills that need. Humans needed hope and in Christ, we are given a living hope.

Wherever you are this season, you need to be reminded of God’s grace that reaches you. We hope you can be reminded of God’s compassion which never leaves you in your situation forever, but God in Christ becomes who you really need him to be. God always shows up when we need him the most. He might not show up in a way we would like him to show up, however, he shows up in a way that we need him to show up. Christ is our highlight.


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