Ruth Jobe’s Chickens

Ruth Jobe came to Flood after attending a conference for High Schoolers where Pastor Sean gave the closing message. She loved the atmosphere at Flood and decided to start coming regularly for her own spiritual growth. After she finished school, someone who was impressed by her potential as a leader offered to pay her way through college, so she enrolled at a University in South Africa. Unfortunately, after completing only one semester, her sponsor lost his job and in turn, Ruth lost her tuition support. She was heart-broken to have to drop out of college, and it was harder still not knowing what the future would hold. She decided to come back home to Malawi and reconnect with her Flood family.

In the weeks that followed, she met people at Flood who encouraged her to apply to a local college. While she was doing that, she was working on a business idea that would help her to generate the income needed to pay her own way through school. By God’s providence, she met someone in her area who was offering cheap training on how to raise chickens, and Ruth secured financial help from loving friends at Flood to go through the training. After she completed this training, a member of Flood invested $150 in Ruth’s business to give her the capital needed to start a chicken farm. After two months of raising her first group of chickens, she was able to hire someone to raise and sell the chickens on a part time basis, which enabled her to go back to college at last.

Ruth Jobe’s story is not as perfect as it may sound in writing, for ink cannot convey the struggles, pains, and tears she has gone through and still goes through when her sales are not great, or when her creditors do not pay on time, or when chickens get sick and die, or when she remembers that she has siblings for whom there is no money to go to school. But it is also a story of faith, believing that the same God who saved her from sin also provides for His children; a story of hope, believing that God has gone ahead into her future to pave a path of purpose for her; and a story of love, believing that the true measure of God’s love for her is not what happened to her in life, but what happened to God in death. We are very excited about the growing transformation of this young woman in whose life the forces of Discipleship and Entrepreneurship are combining to empower an impactful ambassador for Christ!


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