Old Testament characters: daniel


The aim of this session is to:  learn from Daniel’s life – his refusal to eat the royal food, and his sojourn in the lions’ den.  Daniel dared to be different in the service of his God, and we can learn from his example that we too can choose


Daniel 1:8-16, Daniel 6:1-28

Learn with What you have:              

Story: Daniel and the Lions Den                  Read: Daniel 6                                        

Gather these supplies: 

empty narrow-necked bottle (Lions Den)

A plastic man that fits in the bottle or something like a rock etc.. (Daniel)

A piece of paper with a picture of a lion drawn on it. (Lion)

Object Lesson: 

Your bottle is going to represent the den (in the lion’s den). Put your rock or the plastic man in the bottle. Then crumple the paper with the picture of the lion on it in a small ball. Hold your bottle in a horizontal position, and place the paper into its neck. Now try to blow the paper into the bottle. The paper is the lion’s attempt to try to get Daniel in the Den. 

What happened: 

 You couldn’t blow the paper from the neck into the bottle

How it relates to the story:

As you read the story you can see that Daniel is thrown into the Den with the Lions. This seems like an impossible situation. But Daniel loved God. He served God and he believed God even in this impossible situation. God protected Daniel in this situation. God also showed his amazing love to King Darius. 

Things to think about:

  1. How did Daniel love and obey God?
  2. How did God love Daniel?
  3. What happened when Daniel obeyed God over King darius? 


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