Old Testament Bible Characters


The aim of this session is to: see how Isaiah saw and heard from God and wanted others to know his message.

Verses: 2 Kings 19-20, Isaiah (particularly chapters 6, 9 & 11)

Learn With What You Have

Lesson focus: God in His amazing wonder has called and equipped us to do great things for Him.

Passage: Isaiah 6:1-10

Materials Needed: construction paper or cardstock; stickers/markers/decorative material

Bible Lesson:

Isaiah was a man called by God to announce such things to Israel. The book of Isaiah has some amazing and powerful descriptions of God and His power, as well as predictions about the Messiah. When Isaiah is first called, we see a somewhat odd and astonishing image of God:Get a piece of paper and draw a picture based on the strange description they hear. Try to visualize how strange this would be.

Read Isaiah 6:1-4

The point is not necessarily what God looks like, but how crazy super awesome He is, that He has such power to fill the earth and temple with His glory. Have students bend on their knees or even lie face-down as they note Isaiah’s response:

Read Isaiah 5-7

 Isaiah actually felt guilty for looking upon the face of God. It seemed too remarkable to bear. But what does God do? Takes the sin away and cleanses him…now, we know that our guilty stains are also removed…how? (Jesus Christ)

Once Isaiah realizes God has made him clean and whole, what does he do?

Read Isaiah 8-10

Isaiah realizes that God has made him with unique characteristics and a special purpose: to serve him and proclaim his news. He is eager to volunteer as a messenger to do God’s will in whatever way he can. This will mean trial and difficulty, but he knows it is what God wants and how he can help God’s people.

Craft: Announcements and announcers (several options)

Students can create special “newspapers” to spread good news. They will choose an exciting event or announcement and create a paper detailing it. Or they can choose to make someone an encouraging card or congratulatory card.

Or you can decorate announcing “megaphones.” Decorate with stickers or markers and roll up to create a megaphone. 


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