Crisis precedes transformation. You probably have observed in your own life that your moment of transformation was preceded with some sort of a crisis. Many of us have seen our lives change after a crisis in our life. For most people change won’t just happen for them until when they go through some sort of a crisis before they consider changing. 

Even though a crisis can precede change, change won’t just happen because you went through a crisis. You still need to make a choice to choose change. The reality is that God’s truth won’t have an effect on our lives if we do not respond in obedience to God’s truth. You can’t just WISH yourself into change, you have to WILL yourself into change. 

WEThis sermon series will help our church community to pursue a posture of not just hearing God’s word but actually following his voice. As Jesus says “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me ”- John 10:27
True transformation really happens when we move from just hearing God’s word to hearing his voice. His voice is personal, and his voice is what truly brings change. For when we hear his voice we follow. What we know has to change the way we live

In this sermon Pastor Yami challenges the church to be more generous with the right motivation and attitude.


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