IT MATTERS:Follow what you know to be true not what you feel to be true.

Research shows that all of us have varying degrees of genetic vulnerability to developing mental health issues, but these may only triggered depending on the degree of stress we experience – ‘stress’ in the widest sense, from possible exposure to viruses in the womb, through to early childhood experience, later drug use, or highly distressing events in relationships or at work.
For people who are highly vulnerable, the stress may only need to be slight. For others who are more robust, it may be an extreme, traumatic
event which triggers an episode of mental ill health.
As a church we want to be more intentional when it comes to mental.

When we are struggling we need to remember that all of us are in need of:
A. Community
In any struggles that we might find ourselves in, we need each other. We cannot be going at it alone. This is why the church exists, to love each other and to carry each other’s burdens.

B. Truth
In the middle of our struggles we often need to remind ourselves of what is really true. When we are going through hard times we can lose sight of what is really true.

C. Trust
In the middle of our struggles we need to keep the faith. We need to keep trusting that God is with us and that he will carry us through even when it seems dark right now.

D. Surrender
In the middle of our struggles we need to keep on surrendering to our God. This is when we are ok with recognizing our weakness and allowing his grace to be enough for us.


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