Following Jesus in the face of opposition

Living like Jesus matters the most to us
Jesus calls His disciples to follow him even to the point of death. Following Jesus does lead us to die to
self so that we can truly live for him.
The best bunch that sets an example for us are the disciples of Jesus. The twelve minus Judas of course
were SOLD OUT for Jesus. But they never started that way. They were afraid, they were uncertain at
times and they failed Jesus so many times. But after resurrection we encounter a group of people who
were so SOLD OUT for Jesus that not only were they willing to die for him but they literally died for
What changed in them? What changed for them? What happened was that they moved from being
cowards, doubtful, fearful to being a group of people that were willing to die for Jesus figuratively and
How about us? How can we still choose Jesus even when we are faced with the same things as the
disciples did? How can we live in such a way as though following Jesus is the only thing that matters the
most to us?
There’s a call on our lives to follow Jesus and follow him for real. Following Jesus means his ways
matter more to us than ours, his works matter more to us than ours and his word matters more to us than
ours. We follow Jesus not because we deserve to follow him; we follow Jesus because He deserves to be
followed. Jesus deserves a passionate follow from you.


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