Being with jesus affirms our acceptance


As we enter a new year and a new decade, January presents an opportunity to refocus, restart and reset.

Every person I know wants to grow and want to become better. We all want to grow and become better at something. This could be a desire to become better at doing relationships, career, family, school etc. At the least we all want to become a better person in how we live and love those around us.

If you are Christian you probably want your relationship with God to become better. Growth requires roots. Nothing grows without roots, otherwise it will die. For a plant to stand, it needs to have roots to receive the necessary nutrients to sustain it.
The same applies to us as believers, for our relationship with Jesus to grow we need to be rooted in him. This means for us to grow we need to go deep. In other words for you to go far you need to go deep.

The relationship believers have with Jesus is meant to grow. Jesus invites his friends to spend time with him. This relationship is not just for show, or to just be said by word of mouth. It’s not designed for us to cash in our devotion for rewards, or only for when we have needs. The relationship we have with Jesus is meant to be experienced. Our devotion to Jesus is our satisfaction and reward.

People tend to act a lot like the people they hang out with. For believers our journey has a purpose and the purpose is to be like Jesus. We can’t become like Jesus if we are not being with Jesus. We need to be rooted in him. We need to go deep with him. Going deep with Jesus means choosing to dwell in his presence and being aware that we are in his presence daily.

Being with Jesus is more than following rituals, or doing Christian things. It means knowing that in Jesus, God invites us to have a relationship with him. Therefore it is important that we pay attention to how we experience our relationship with Jesus.
We go far with finding satisfaction and reward in God by going deep with Him.


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