Sermon Series: Keep the Change – Staying the Course that Transforms and Avoiding the Course that Conforms

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Join us September 13th, 2015 through December 6th, 2015 for our new series titled: Keep the Change.


Genesis 11:27 – 25:11


True faith gives us a new life with God that we must stay true to against the odds


Abraham put his faith in God, and that faith gave him a new life with God, but staying true to that new life with God was something that had to be done against many odds. In ways that we can relate to, Abraham faced many things about himself, his family, and his society that not only tempted him to conform to the world around him, but that also tested his commitment to the new life that his faith called him to. In this series, we will explore what this new life with God looks like, what forces get in the way of our efforts to live that new life, and what help God gives us to stay true to the new life he has given us.


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