SALT Conference Registration 2019

SALT Conference 2019 Registration

  • The SALT Conference 2019 will take place in Lilongwe on August 16 & 17 and Mzuzu on August 30 & 31. The theme for the conference this year is WAIFEELA? The focus of the conference is on how we can build meaningful connections with the world around us. The conference will explore how we can have meaningful connections where everyone feels valued, seen and heard. Meaningful connections are where we give and receive without judgment and where we gain energy and strength. Meaningful connections help us to make better decisions and actions and have better attitude. Without being intentional, we can go through life having many interactions that aren’t meaningful connections. Do we have meaningful connections? Have you felt it?
  • Check-in for the conference will begin at 3pm on the Friday afternoon. By filling in this form you are registering your intention to attend.