What is it?

Operation Phase 10 is Flood Church’s project to build a multi-purpose facility in the heart of Lilongwe to meet the needs of young people in the city. In January 2014 we purchased a piece of land through the generous contributions of many people for the construction of a cultural center and home base for our church and we are now stepping out in faith to begin the building process.  This project will be completed in 10 phases over the next three and a half years and will cost $400,000.


Why does it matter?

The Youth Cultural Center that we envision will not just be a place for the dynamic worship services by which we are bringing young people to Christ for transformation every Sunday. Throughout the history of our church, we have made the transformation of young people aged 15 to 45 the center piece of our mission by adopting a multi-faceted approach. To give some examples, we have developed a Scholarship Program that sponsors needy teenagers to attend secondary school and disciples them to follow Christ throughout that phase; we have developed an Entrepreneurship Program that mentors young people to create and steward wealth in ways that honor Christ; we have a Relationship Program that mentors young people to honor Christ in their interactions and relationships with members of the opposite sex; we even have a Compassion and Justice Program that raises awareness and mobilizes resources against the scourge of child marriage that hinders the development and progress of young girls all over the country. When it comes to initiatives for the holistic transformation of young people, we want to leave no stone unturned. Operation Phase 10 will create a facility from which we will have the resources and freedom to expand these transformative programs to many more young people than we are currently able to serve, and to do so in a way that is sustainable for years to come. Young people know that our church is here for them, but this Youth Cultural Center will go a long way to give them confidence that we are also here to stay.


How will it be done?

We can’t do this without your prayers, help and generosity. In the spirit of Phase 10, we are asking you to dedicate 10 minutes every week to pray for the success of our fundraising efforts and our building project. We are also asking you to share our project idea with at least 10 other people or organizations you believe have the means and desire to invest in the young people of Malawi. Thirdly, we are asking you to make a personal donation to each of the 10 phases of our project as an act of faith because God will use ordinary people like you to do something extraordinary. To give towards our campaign click here to visit our Paypal page. 


Phase 10 Funding Graphic



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To give towards our campaign click here to visit our Paypal page. 

To read Sean’s letter which launched the campaign click here.

To read about Project WOW – Our campaign to purchase the land, click here. You can also read a Project WOW Update here.

To see the plans for the building click here.


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