Flood Lilongwe 2020 Intern Application

SALT Conference 2019 Registration

  • Flood Lilongwe is recruiting Campus Ambassadors from the period of Feb 2020- Feb 2021. Applications close at 5pm on January 20th. Campus Ambassadors will work 15 hours per week, be available to serve for a year (not currently working fulltime) and passionate to reach young people. They will also be committed to Flood through a Growth Group and eager to grow in their relationship with Jesus and willing to sacrifice for young people.
  • The responsibilities of Campus Ambassadors will include: 1. Visit designated campus once a week
  • 2. Build relationships one-on-one with students by having a conversation with at least 10, including 3 new people each week
  • 3. Building rapport, partnerships and awareness with school authorities and Christian groups on their designated campus
  • 4. Organise at least one campus concert
  • 5. Promot Flood Church events (Ufulu Festival/ SALT Conference) for youth people on campus and serve in all major outreach events
  • 6. Be available at the Flood Office on Mondays from 9:30am-4:30pm
  • 7. Serve on Sunday mornings in assigned ministries
  • 8. Participate in trainings and complete assigned readings and reports
  • Campus Ambassadors will have access to a ministry budget. The Flood Lilongwe Campus Ambassador program is an opportunity for young people who are part of the Flood Church to grow spiritually and increase their capacity for ministry and leadership. To apply to be a Campus Intern in 2020 please fill out this form and ask your Growth Group leader to complete the referral before January 20th.
  • Please copy and paste this information and send to your Growth Group or Ministry Leader and have them complete and email for you to floodlilongwe@gmail.com Please write a short summary to tell us name and Growth Group area as well your feelings about the applicant’s decision to apply to be an intern at Flood Church. **Please note: your application will not be considered until the office receives this letter of recommendation.