Ufulu Festival

Ufulu Festival Overview

The Ufulu Festival is an annual event, occurring on July 6th for families and young people to come together and celebrate Malawi’s culture, history and life together. It also serves to allow us to reflect together on our journey as a nation and inspire one another towards a better future. The festival is facilitated by the Flood Church and is free of charge for all attendees. This is the only festival in Malawi offering this opportunity to young people and families.

The festival began in 2014 at the City Mall Car Park, with an attendance of 300 people. In 2015 it moved to Mbowe car park. In 2016, the Festival attracted well over 3,000 people and had 15 different artists performing. In 2017 and 18 the festival took place at CIVO stadium and saw attendance of over 15000 people. Our target for 2019 is to reach out to more than 20000 young people.


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