Project WOW: Walking on Water

Project WOW (Walking on Water)

As a result of God’s favor in making Flood Church grow from a small worship gathering of 32 people on January 6, 2008, we have since become a multi-national community of people who desire to bring upcoming generations to Christ for transformation. The number of people in Malawi and in countries all over the world who  have been impacted by the ministry of Flood Church and the teaching of Pastor Sean Kampondeni has risen to the thousands, and we consider each one of them an integral part of our church’s story.

IF you have ever been a part of Flood Church’s history, we want to invite you to be a part of Flood Church’s future.

We are currently pursuing a God-sized vision of raising US$400, 000 for the construction of a mission base for our church and a cultural center for our city on a piece of land located in the very heart of the capital city. After consideration and prayer, our Ministry Leadership Team took a bold step of faith on October 17. 2013 by emptying the church’s bank account to make a down payment of US$27,000 (10,000,000 MK).

We have a deadline of Thursday, November 14, 2013 to pay a second installment of US$41,000 (15,000,000 MK) toward the cost.

If you have ever been touched by the ministry of Flood Church Lilongwe in any way we are trusting God to enable and excite you to make a donation to help us meet this target.

Once we make the second payment, we will have until Sunday, January 12, 2014 to pay a final US$27,000 (10,000,000 MK)  to secure the land for our project.  We estimate the construction of the center to cost a further $305,000.

While these figures look enormous, we see this as a chance to demonstrate that God can accomplish the impossible, as well  as a unique way of connecting all those that have been touched by Flood Church to an opportunity of extending our reach for generations to come. We are relying so fully on God to stir up a wave of generosity that we are calling this whole faith adventure PROJECT WOW (Walking On Water). A wall in this new building will be designated the Wall Of Faith, which will be inscribed with the name of every person who makes a one-time donation of any size towards the payments required by the next two deadlines, as well as the name of every person who makes a monthly donation for the next 12 months towards the US$305,000 which will cover all building costs. So will you join your faith and finances together with ours to create a WOW moment? Will you WALK ON WATER with us? All you need to do to make a prayerful donation towards this project is in the following easy steps:


To Give Internationally:
1. Make a donation online using our paypal account or
2. Visit our website at or
3. Ask your bank to wire your donation from your account to our foreign currency account named “Flood”, Account No. 0240031514600, Standard Bank Malawi, Capital City Branch, Swift Code SBIC MWMX
To Give Locally:
1. Bring your cash or check donation to a Flood worship service at the Green Restaurant or
2. Bring your cash or check donation to our church office African Bible College in Area 47 or
3. Make a deposit to our local currency account named “Flood”, Account No. 0140031514600, Standard Bank, Capital City Branch, or
4. Make a deposit to our local currency account named “Flood”, Account No. 5241099008, First Merchant Bank, Lilongwe Branch

To see photos, designs, and goals of the land and the new facility, click here.


    • Hey Jason, thanks for your support! Unfortunately Flood Church in the USA cannot accept donations for this Flood Malawi Project currently because they have a project of their own going on at the moment. Sorry!

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