Christmas Night of Worship

Christmas celebrations will soon be underway all over the world. This year at Flood Church, we are celebrating God’s arrival on earth in human form in a special way, and we want to invite you to join us. We want you to join us in taking the journey of the Wise Men who travelled all the way from the East to Jesus in Bethlehem. You can participating in this magical time in 2 ways:

  1. Like the Magi went to Jesus in person to worship Him together, please come join our church for a Christmas N.O.W. (Night of Worship) on Sunday, December 22, 2013 at the Green Restaurant. Our church band will present a selection of songs under the theme “MY BEST GIFT FOR THE KING.” This is not just another night of Christmas carols!

       2. Like the Magi brought three kinds of gifts to present and surrender to Jesus, we ask you to bring in or send in the following three kinds of gifts as your best offering to Him:

  • BRING YOUR GIFT: To help you appreciate how much God has been providing for you, we want you to go through your house and belongings and pick one valuable thing that you own, then bring it to our Christmas N.O.W. and present it as an offering to Jesus. Every gift will be included in our Yard Sale in the New Year and all proceeds will go towards Project W.O.W. (Walking On Water), our church’s project of building a Cultural Center in the heart of Lilongwe to meet the many spiritual and physical needs of the young people we are bringing to Christ for transformation.
  • BRING YOUR CASH: Before you go shopping for gifts for yourself or others this Christmas, please set aside your best cash offering of gratitude for God’s act of coming into the world for you. We ask you to either bring your special offering in an envelope to our Christmas N.O.W. or to send it online by giving here. You can also make a direct deposit to our bank account with this information.Our final payment to secure the land for Project W.O.W. is due in January, 2014 and we are currently at 30% of the $25,000 we are raising for this payment. Your Best Gift for The King will go towards this game-changing facility.
  • BRING YOUR CAKE: Come up with the best cake you can think of and bring it or send it in to our Christmas N.O.W. on Sunday, December 22. If you cannot bring a cake in person for some reason, we challenge you to connect with someone at Flood Church Malawi who can bake and bring a cake for you. Every cake will be shared among those attending this concert in celebration of God’s arrival on earth in human form.

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