This lesson is based on Isaiah 9:6-7 and Luke 2:25-35, and teaches us that Jesus’ birth was the fulfilment of a promise that had been
made a long time ago…. and that he is still saviour today.

READ: Isaiah 9:6-7 and Luke 2:25-35.

Many years before Jesus was born, God promised His people that He would send a saviour to them. He said that he would send them a ruler and a King who would free them and save them. Jesus was the fulfilment of God’s greatest promise.

DISCUSS: Can you think of a time that someone promised you something? Did they fulfil that promise? What does God promise to His people?

CREATE: Art Activity (for 3-7 year olds)

Promise rainbows

Materials needed:

  • a3 paper with rainbow template and picture of baby Jesus
  • small pieces of coloured paper cut up
  • glue

In Genesis, God used a rainbow as a sign of his promises to us. His greatest promise was fulfilled in Jesus. So today we’re going to make rainbows that remind us that Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s promise.

Get children to stick coloured paper on the template in rainbow coloured order.

Art Activity (For 8-10 year olds)

Banners to celebrate King Jesus.

Materials Needed:

  • long strips of paper
  • markers

On banners write and decorate praises to King Jesus.

Please ask all children to write their names on the banner!


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