Old Testament BIBLE CHARACTERS: jonah

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Old Testament Bible Characters


The aim of this session is to:  teach the story of Jonah focusing on God’s mercy and grace. The session challenges the children to ask God for forgiveness and encourages them to experience His compassion and love.

The Book of Jonah

Learn with what you Got: Jonah In The Raging Sea

This lesson is about prayer, obedience, and trust

Have you ever been in a hopeless situation and tried praying about it? How did God answer your prayer?

Go collect these items: 

Empty plastic 2-liter bottle with lids (vegetable oil bottle)

water         green and blue food coloring (optional) 

vegetable oil    Plastic to cut(water bottles etc.)

scissors     permanent markers     aluminum foil (opitonal)

small seashells or small rocks           glue and tape

Making the activity: 

Fill the plastic bottle about two-thirds full of water and a few drops of food coloring (optional) and one-fourth cup of vegetable oil. From the extra plastic, cut out fish figures and a Jonah figure that’ll fit into the bottle opening. Decorate fish and Jonah using the permanent markers. Roll pieces of aluminum foil into balls and other shapes. Place these aluminum foil shapes,seashells, and rocks in the water. Using glue and tape, secure the top so it won’t open. Roll or shake the bottle on its side to make it look like a raging sea with Jonah swimming for his life.

Read the story from the book of Jonah


How do you think Jonah felt when he was thrown into the water?

What would you have prayed if you had been Jonah?

Have you ever been in a hopeless situation and tried praying about it? Explain.

How did God answer your prayer?


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